B-Force Bands™ was founded in 2009 by Bert Lopez.

BForce Bands, Inc. (BFB) specializes in the production and sales of unique resistance bands and fitness accessories. Our products provide a range of uses, including but not limited to: sport-specific training, home and travel fitness, supplemental conditioning for weight training and physical therapy. Our vision is to continue our growth as a lucrative organization while enhancing the lives of our consumers through better fitness and healthy living.

BForce Bands was founded in 2009 by Humberto Lopez, a celebrity athlete trainer based in Miami, FL. After owning 2 local gyms and participating as a guest athlete on fitness infomercials, he set his sights higher and created a unique resistance training system, marking the birth of BForce Bands. Today, BFB provides a substantial line of fitness products which are housed and shipped from our 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Miami.



Bforce Bands Attachement Points Web Low Res


Place feet on center of anchor strap, keeping them shoulder width apart with even lengths on both sides. Never stand directly on bands or attachment points


(place high or low along doorframe depending on workout)

1. With door open, place anchor strap with integrated door cylinder through the opening on the hinge side of door

2. Close door completely and lock to secure, pulling strap tight before attempting exercise


1. With anchor strap closed, wrap around a secured, well anchored pole

2. On one side of pole, open end of strap with door cylinder so it makes a looped opening

3. From opposite side of pole, pull bands and attachments through the loop, making sure to wrap around the pole while doing so. Pull tight before attempting exercise

3 Important Key Factors On How To Care
For Your B-Force Bands


Leaving your B-Force Bands in a hot dry environment will cause them to weaken and snap.


Wrapping your B-Force Bands around a stationary object improperly will cause them to saw and snap.


Over stretching your B-Force Bands to increase resistance will cause them to snap.


  • CJ,

    I LOVE my bands! I get such a great workout when I use them and I am able to use the different bands for different exercises. The ankle straps are comfortable and easy to put on as well as putting on the bands, simple switch between sets. These are definitely coming to the cottage for the week of my vacation. No gym is completely okay!

  • Sandy,

    I absolutely love my lateral bands! I get a great lower body workout, it is a great addition to any workout routine.

  • Alexis,

    I love these bands so much! I use them for every glute workout! To activate the glutes and during the workout. Plus the videos of exercise examples on instagram are and extra win!

  • Jocelyne,

    Just started using the bands and I’m already in love with them and seeing results. They are super easy to use and the workouts make you feel the burn!

  • Courtney,

    Great bands and even greater customer service!